Thursday, March 22, 2012

Closer Look: KAWA-KAWA Falls, Marinduque

It's SUMMER! Where's your destination?

Let us take a closer look at a paradise undiscovered by many, the KAWA-KAWA Falls. From the name itself, it is a water falls with a kawa-shaped basin (Kawa is a cooking utensil that looks like but is bigger than a typical frying pan). The falls is located in the mountainous part of Barangay Bangcuangan, Santa Cruz, Marinduque.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Food Supplements on the Go!

Health became one of the major concerns of man as shown by the release of more commercial food supplements in the market. Do you know who dictates the market?  According to sources, "baby boomers" do. "Baby boomers" are those who were born between  the years of 1946 and 1964, just after World War II. Young males returning to the US, Canada, and Australia from the war started making families, which resulted to a significant number of children into the world.  At present, boomers start turning 66, and care deeply about their health. Thus, the trend of market goes health and wellness.

Once a "Maglalako"

This is my very first post and I would like to share where I started. I am a "PROMDI" boy from Santa Cruz, Marinduque, a simple "probinsyano" who had big dreams. My father worked as a farmer, carpenter, driver, construction worker, etc. His work's location was in Manila back then so he rarely visits us in the province. My mother was tasked to take care of us while my father is away. I am the only son of the four siblings.

At the age of five, I studied kindergarten. Our school is far from our house since we lived in the mountain-part of Santa Cruz, and so we were walking our way back and forth. Hindi uso ang sumasakay ng jeep o tricycle kasi lahat naman ng bata, naglalakad. Kaya pitong taon kaming naglalakad ng halos isang oras sa umaga at  parehong oras sa hapon. Nasanay na din kami. Ang nakakatuwa dito, marami sa amin (tinatawag nilang taga-bundok) ang kayang makipagsabayan sa kanila (na tinatawag naman naming taga-bayan) pagdating sa husay sa pag-aaral. It was really a matter of discipline and desire to achieve something.