Monday, June 18, 2012

Bringing Smiles to Children

It was my rest day from work and I was in a bus bound to elbi (Los Banos, Laguna) last May 28 2012, around noon time, when I felt like longing to go back to Marinduque. That same day would be the celebration of Flores de Mayo in our barangay and it has been years when I last seen the event. I checked the time to see whether I could still catch up the 4pm "RoRo" schedule in Lucena Port and it seemed that the probability is small. Maybe due to that longing, instead of going to elbi, I transferred bus going to Lucena. Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic, I reached the port around 7pm. The next schedule would be 10pm and for sure the celebration I am supposed to attend has ended before I'll arrive. I still continued with my travel, anyway, I have my family waiting and for sure I'll enjoy my stay.

May 29 2012, we organized an event for kids, a post-Flores de Mayo celebration. My sisters and I prepared games and gifts for prizes. In the afternoon, kids and some of the parents gathered in our basketball court. The first game was stop dance exclusively for small girls. 

A resident dancer served as guide for the steps.