Sunday, August 31, 2014

Marinduque Adventure Highlights

Marinduque is one of the underrated places in the Philippines. It is a province in Region IV-B that can be reached (as of the moment) through ferry in Lucena Port. Last summer, I brought my friends in my hometown for a vacation. I would like to share our adventure hoping that after seeing this post, readers would consider Marinduque as their next destination.

Since our 'barkada' loves the beach, we decided to spend one night in Maniwaya Island. A boat waited for us in Buyabod Port and the travel time is about one and a half hour.

On our way to Maniwaya Island

BORACAY Island: "The Best of Both Worlds"

Boracay Beach is the favorite summer getaway of celebrities and foreign tourists. And for a commoner like me, it is a dream come true to be able to step on those white sand which I only see in pictures. Thanks to the "DISCOUNTED RATES" of our local airlines, we were able to book our trip. This is something different to what we usually see - sand instead of chemicals, people instead of microbes.

The Researchers-turned-Travelers

Coron, Palawan: a Place for Nature Lovers

Coron in Palawan has a lot to offer to travelers. There are a number of snorkeling and diving sites, white beaches, and pristine lakes available for sight seeing and adventure. I had the luxury of spending a relaxing weekend in Coron which was made more special because I had my college friends with me.

Coron Island