Sunday, August 31, 2014

Coron, Palawan: a Place for Nature Lovers

Coron in Palawan has a lot to offer to travelers. There are a number of snorkeling and diving sites, white beaches, and pristine lakes available for sight seeing and adventure. I had the luxury of spending a relaxing weekend in Coron which was made more special because I had my college friends with me.

Coron Island

We did island hopping and snorkeling. It was like we were inside a very large aquarium full of colorful fishes and undisturbed corals. I swam with "Nemo" and his friends.

Snorkeling Time

Diversity exposed

Colors of corals mean life.

We spent our lunch in one of the beaches. The food was prepared by the boatmen while we are on travel and I could say Coron's seafoods are the best. Credits to its freshness and the love for cooking of the boatmen.

Sea foods Festival.

I also admire the lakes inside their islands. It was well-protected and has maintained its natural beauty.

Kayangan Lake.

The perfect view of Coron Islands.

A side trip was also made to a privately-owned hot spring.

Maquinit Hot Spring

But the most memorable for me was our 724-step climb to Mt. Tapias. Tourists and locals make it a point to visit the summit as it is the most prominent landmark of Coron. The summit offers a very tall white cross for picture taking and a wonderful view of the town proper and nearby islands.

Mt. Tapias of Coron

At the summit of Mt. Tapias

It was indeed a wonderful experience and I will definitely visit this place once more, given the resources.

College Friends and Travel Buddies

The Journeying Chemist

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