Sunday, August 31, 2014

BORACAY Island: "The Best of Both Worlds"

Boracay Beach is the favorite summer getaway of celebrities and foreign tourists. And for a commoner like me, it is a dream come true to be able to step on those white sand which I only see in pictures. Thanks to the "DISCOUNTED RATES" of our local airlines, we were able to book our trip. This is something different to what we usually see - sand instead of chemicals, people instead of microbes.

The Researchers-turned-Travelers

There were a lot of tourist guides in Boracay that called our attention. We practiced our bargaining skills to come up with the cheapest possible tour package and it was a good thing that the packages could be customized.

And the adventure started. We arrived late in the afternoon and since it started to get dark, we decided to just walk along the stretch of stations 1 and 2, observing the people. We have seen some who get wild (if you know what i mean) and some who just enjoy the place in a wholesome way.

Boracay's Night Life

The next day was another story and we were up for the adventures that Boracay offers. We drove an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) going to Mt. Luho Viewpoint.

Driving our way to the top.

Viewpoint of Mt. Luho

Going back to the ATV terminal, we stopped-over in Zorb Adventure and let ourselves roll down the hill.

Before the Zorb Adventure.

People ... Keep on Rolling... Rolling (LSS).

We transferred to the other side of Boracay and waited for the boat that will bring us to the Helmet Diving Site and Flyfish Area. Of the two sea-adventures, I loved the latter because of the thrill and challenge it brought to us.

The Flyfish Adventure

They also say that we need to try the best-selling Jonah's Shake. The place is not that cozy but wait for the shake, it is definitely the best shake in town.

Looks like they're enjoying the fruit shake.

It was really an unforgettable journey. I must say Boracay offers "the best of both worlds". It has night life which I really enjoyed and has nature adventures for those who seek for thrills in life. I will be coming back to try other adventures such as para-sailing, island hopping, snorkeling, etc.

The Journeying Chemist

P.S. Credits to our buddy Jeffrey Tamayo for the pictures.

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