Sunday, August 31, 2014

Marinduque Adventure Highlights

Marinduque is one of the underrated places in the Philippines. It is a province in Region IV-B that can be reached (as of the moment) through ferry in Lucena Port. Last summer, I brought my friends in my hometown for a vacation. I would like to share our adventure hoping that after seeing this post, readers would consider Marinduque as their next destination.

Since our 'barkada' loves the beach, we decided to spend one night in Maniwaya Island. A boat waited for us in Buyabod Port and the travel time is about one and a half hour.

On our way to Maniwaya Island

Maniwaya Island has a stretch of fine white sand that is almost similar to that of Boracay. The sunset in the island is also best for picture taking.

White Sand of Maniwaya Island

Perfect Jumpshot.

That Flip!

Marinduque Travel Buddies
In the mainland of Santa Cruz, we visited the Holy Cross Parish Church. It is the oldest church in Marinduque built in 1714.

Holy Cross Parsh, Sta. Cruz

We also enjoyed swimming in the cold water of Kawa-kawa Falls in Brgy. Bangcuangan. We did some minor trekking before reaching this place. Along the way, we distributed school supplies to children.

Distribution of School Supplies.

Kawa-kawa Falls

A breathtaking adventure awaited us in Hinanggayon Cave located in Brgy. San Isidro. It wasn't an easy task to fit ourselves in small gaps of rocks and holes of the cave. And about three-hour of crawling, walking, and climbing tested our patience and pushed us to our limits. What we saw inside the cave, however, are worth the sacrifices.

Jump-off Point to Hinanggayon Cave

Entrance of the Cave.

The Challenging Trail Underground.

Inside the Cave.

The ultimate adventure we had was our climb to Luzon Datum, the center of the Philippines. We needed to brace ourselves as we were positioned on the topload portion of the jeepney on our way to the jump-off point in Brgy. Hinanggayon. After regisration, we started the trek which took us two hours to reach the summit. It wasn't an easy climb because of the extremely hot weather. 

The Topload Experience.

Luzon Datum 1911 Marker.

View at the Summit of Luzon Datum

Final Group Picture Before Descent.

On our delight, the hospitable locals offered us a lot of delicious foods after our descent. It was their fiesta that time and we are really thankful to them for their warm welcome. 

After satisfying our stomach, we rushed to their small port and requested the boatman to bring us to Balanacan Port. And we were able to catch the ferry trip back to Lucena City, Quezon.

P.S. Credits to Mr. Quincy Ybanez for the pictures.

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