Thursday, November 08, 2012

Giving Back: the KAPPAN Way

I’m not a medical doctor, not even in my dreams.  I can't imagine myself doing consultations, giving prescriptions, or conducting surgical operations (I hope I used the right medical terms). Even so, I always admire their profession. Despite not being in the medical field, I am blessed to be part of one of their noble activities. Held in a barangay in Pakil, Laguna, alumni (medical doctors and other professionals) and resident members of UP Kappa Phi Sigma-CDS organized its 3rd Medical Mission with an extra. I would say extra because it wasn’t just a medical mission. We also prepared games for children and adult men and women in addition to the groceries distributed to every family. Our alumni who were successful in their respective fields were the sponsors of all the medicines, groceries, vitamins, and cash prizes.

Mini Pharmacy

Kappan Alumni and Residents

A day before the actual date of the medical mission (October 28, 2012), alumni and resident members had socialization in August Inn, Famy, Laguna. We had dinner followed by videoke bonding with some drinks. The next day, we had group breakfast before heading to the location where locals were waiting.

Pakil residents during the registration.

Medical doctors and dentists had different stations. There were consultations, minor operations, and dental services. Resident members and some barangay officials assisted the patients and maintained orderliness in the venue. 

One of the Doctors doing consultations.

The Doctor giving prescription.

On the other side of the venue, other alumni members distribute groceries to families who participated in the event.

Kappan alumna handing grocery to a father.
To make the event lively, there were games for all ages. The kids were very active and participative. 

"Pahabaan" Game for Kids

Senior citizens also participated in games together with middle-aged men and women. 

Trip to Jerusalem for men.

Dance Showdown!

Prizes given were additional groceries, medicines, vitamins, food supplements, and some cold cash. The organization also gave away special prizes to the winners of the raffle draw.

After the activity, the team headed to CASA REAL in Pakil, Laguna, a farm owned by our alumni brother. We celebrated the success of the activity and it was like a traditional fiesta where lechon de leche, grilled and fried tilapia, unlimited rice and drinks, and other recipes were served. 

Chow Time

Oooops! SARAP!

The celebration became more special because of the ambiance which is very natural and relaxing. There were different types of fruit trees and forest trees around as well as different types of domestic animals. Before we leave the place, we were given fresh vegetables (pechay, sitaw, labanos, mustasa) as souvenirs.

On our way back to our own places, we took a side trip to see the historical and amazing structure of the Church in Mabitac, Laguna.

It was a long day but I really enjoyed the experience. See you Kappans on the 4th Medical Mission.

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