Thursday, February 28, 2013

“Mt. Maculot” & “The Rockies” of Cuenca, Batangas

2013 is an exciting year for me as our mountaineering group aims to conquer 13 summits before the year ends.  Our first summit was Mt. Maculot of Cuenca, Batangas. It is popular to hikers and campers and is a major attraction of the municipality.

Around 4 o’clock in the morning last January 5, 2013, we left from Los Banos and took a public ride to Crossing, Calamba. We then transferred to a Lipa City-bound jeepney at the Calamba Terminal. In Lipa City, we asked for directions going to Cuenca, Batangas. When we finally reached Cuenca, we rode a tricycle to the jump-off point.

Mt. Maculot viewed from Cuenca, Batangas Public Market.

We started trekking around 9 o’clock. Trail directions were given verbally by the locals. Unfortunately, we took the wrong way as we missed one of the trail signs along the way. We were confident on our trail until we met a little girl who told us that we're not on the right track. Although hesitant, we decided to go back and look for the right trail. Thanks to the girl for her genuine concern, we were able to locate the right one.

We continued our journey and faced the muddy trail. Halfway, the view of Taal Lake and the town of Cuenca can be seen. 

Background: Taal Lake 

Background: Town of Cuenca, Batangas

We took rest from time to time. Good thing that there are available “Buko” Juice for sale in strategic areas, we were able to rehydrate. We reached the summit past noon time. There were a lot of campers that time and we were able to gather information about other mountains from our conversations with them. It was a sort of preparation for our next climbs.

"Almost there!. Cheers."

We walked for another 5 minutes to reach the “Rockies” for a better view of Taal Lake. We then had our lunch, took some photos, and descent.

Journeying Chemists on the summit of "The Rockies."

View of Taal Lake from "The Rockies."

Before going back to Los Banos, Laguna, we had a side trip in Cuenca Public Market. We tasted the famous “Gotong Batangas” and bought “Kapeng Barako” for souvenir.

Gotong Batangas. Yummy!

Our souvenir from Cuenca, Batangas: "Kapeng Barako."


Ymaque said...

Kuya, my friends and I are planning to try Maculot. Mahirap ba ang trail? Imma noob here. :P

Joel P. Rivadeneira said...

Kayang kaya nyo ang trail. Mejo nakakapagod nga lang kasi puro pataas. Pagdating sa taas, mawawala lahat ng pagod nyo. One of the best summits ang Mt. Maculot especially the Rockies.

Kahit beginners, kakayanin ang trail :)