Thursday, April 04, 2013

Mt. Kalisungan of Calauan, Laguna

We set the 4th weekend of January for our our third climb for 2013 and we decided to explore a relatively small yet prominent mountain in Laguna, the Mt. Kalisungan. It borders two towns, Nagcarlan and Calauan,the latter having the better trail to the summit.

From Los Banos, we traveled to Victoria, Laguna via Sta. Cruz-bound jeepney and then transferred to a tricycle bound to Brgy. Lamot, Calauan where the jump-off point is located. We registered at the barangay hall and negotiated for a guide. "Mang Bino" is the most popular guide and the fee is P400.00 per day. It is advised to take a guide because the trail is very confusing.

We started to trek around 9 AM. The first rest station and can be considered a landmark for mountaineers was a nipa hut. Other rest stations were a big mango tree (midway) and another nipa hut (before the grassland/summit).

Muddy trail of Mt. Kalisungan

MAISOG Mountaineers at the 1st rest station.

It took us around 3 hours to the summit. It was a nice 360˚ view up there. Mt. Makiling, Mt. Banahaw, Mt. Mabilog, Mt. Cristobal, and Mt. Talim can be seen in different directions. Moreover, view of some of the seven lakes of San Pablo is prominent.

A view of the lakes of San Pablo from the summit. 

Enjoying the view at the top.

Background: Lakes of San Pablo.

At the summit as well, a deep hole was dug by mountaineers who possibly, according to "Mang Bino," were able to get treasures. Locals were not able to find traces for possible identification of those responsible except for a tent and cooking utensils left in the area.

The hole at the summit.

After photo-ops and boodle fight for lunch, we started descent back to the jump-off point. On our way back to Los Banos, we tried the other route. We rode tricycle bound to Calauan, Laguna town proper and refreshed ourselves with fresh pineapple juice available in the sidewalks (pineapple is the main agricultural product of Calauan). We then headed to Los Banos via Crossing, Calamba-bound jeepney.

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