Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Journeying Chemist in Singapore

A dream come true. I celebrated my 26th birthday outside the country. It was actually for work but of course, I took the opportunity to visit some of Singapore's tourist destinations.

Day 1. Singapore Zoo.

We arrived at the hotel before lunch time. We took a short rest and then prepared for our first gala. I was really excited because it is the first time I get to visit a zoo. There are a lot of animals (obviously, haha). I really enjoyed it but I think my colleague enjoyed it more.

Hi there Sir Giraffe!

Hi there Polar Bear!

My colleague and the Elephant.

Although tired, I contacted my friends who are working in the city and  I celebrated my birthday with them. By the way, these friends were my classmates in Chem 16 and Bio 1. That was 10 years ago.

This one's in Bugis Street. 

Day 2. Training... 

The purpose of our travel was to attend a training for a particular equipment. We attended a two-day lecture wherein most of the time, I get bored. But there are some interesting topics that kept me awake.

Software Training.

Johnry: The Troubleshooter

Day 3. Training... Gala...

On our third day, we attended the final part of the lectures and received the certificate of completion. We went straight to Merlion Park after the training.

Awarding of Certificate of Completion.

Background: Marina Bay Sands

Our friends from Pascual Lab.

Day 4. Gala... Gala...

Our 4th day was the highlight of the 'gala part.' We went to Sentosa Island to visit the world's largest aquarium.

Pretty amazed by the sea creature, huh!

The whole afternoon, on the other hand, was allotted for Universal Studios. There were a lot of visitors and we had long hours of waiting for each ride. It is also unfortunate that the roller-coaster was under maintenance that time. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the Transformers Ride.

Universal Studio! Wohooo!

I hope that this 2015, I will have the opportunity to visit another country. Fingers crossed...

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